Dispensing Dynamics has put the people, the technology, and the processes in place to assure efficient communication and collaboration with our customers in the development, production and fulfillment of projects.

SmartTrack. Stay tuned for the introduction of our new SmartTrack Program Management and Partner Interface System. Through SmartTrack we will systematically control all activities from design through engineering, manufacturing, quality, logistics, and financial/administrative.

Web-based Dashboard. The SmartTrack web-based dashboard integrates real-time information into a management tool that both reflects and guides what is happening with the project within every department at Dispensing Dynamics.

Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness. This discipline provides total transparency, accountability and responsiveness for all customer and internal constituencies. SmartTrack will enable the successful completion of ongoing support of projects and programs, and reflects our philosophy of long-term strategic partnerships.

Our customers are our partners. That’s why our SmartTrack program is so important to us. At any time during a product’s design or manufacturing processes, we want our customers to know that they can get up-to-date status reports and information. That, to us at Dispensing Dynamics, is the epitome of being in a partnership with our customers. We are proud of our commitment to having a completely transparent environment.

Chris Sigmon
President & COO
Dispensing Dynamics International