We produce the most advanced and reliable dispensers in the world. Our strict quality assurance/quality control processes are woven into the fabric of everything that the company does.

Built-in Quality. We know how to design things that last. Years of experience inform every aspect of our product design and material selection to optimize our dispensers’ robustness and reliability. Our phase gate development process validates performance prior to manufacturing.

Best manufacturing processes. State-of-the-art equipment such as 2-shot molding, robotics, CNC machining, and advanced material handling systems, as well as rigorous process controls all translate to the highest standard of quality.

World-class quality standards. The City of Industry manufacturing facility is an ISO 9001 certified facility and has quality management system protocols in place for all areas of the business, including facilities, people, training, services, and equipment.

Tens of millions of dispensers in service. The millions of dispensers in use around the globe providing reliable and consistent service day after day, and year after year, attest to the high quality that customers and end users have come to know from the company since its founding in 1932.


Dispensing Dynamics will deliver the correct products, meeting customer requirements, on time, all the time. We strive to create unique technological advantages for our customers creating unparalleled value. Everything we do will be evaluated and improved continuously in order to provide the best possible services and products to our customers by providing corporate commitment to
“Quality every step of the way”.